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World Trade Center Memorial Competition

After the events of September 11, 2001, we were all in a state of shock.  Like most people, I tried to grasp the new reality that was upon us.  After a few weeks, I suppose sometime in November, I began sketching ideas for a memorial to the people that lost their lives.  I had done something similar before, while working at another company, where we submitted a design for the Oklahoma City Memorial.  Once the design competition was announced for the WTC, I knew  that I needed to submit . The process of designing memorials is very personal, and for me is a way to feel connected.  Memorials are all around us,  and if you haven’t done so lately I would encourage you to stop and visit one or two.  

There were over 5000 entries for the World Trade Center Memorial and we all received a certificate of recognition for our entries.  That, by itself, has become a framed memorial for my own reflections.


Each entry as well as the current status of the memorial can be found here.