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Why hire a Landscape Architect?

There are many reasons listed on, Connecticut’s Chapter of the ASLA.

One simple answer that I like to use is this: because we use a design process to get to the finished product.  
Successful projects don’t happen after one meeting or one design option.  They happen over time, after understanding client needs and making numerous changes and decisions as the design evolves.  During this process, potential problems arise and can be solved; better options can be applied; and cost savings can be implemented.  All before construction starts, so there is a clear course of action.  This is how the design process works.
Another very important reason is to get an unbiased, professional opinion, especially in residential design.  You may feel inclined to ask a landscaper or a contractor for ideas or solutions to existing problems, but in doing so there is always a risk that the solution is biased because of the potential profit of the work.  As professionals, our goal is to assist the Client with no underlying agenda, so you can feel confident that we work for you and you alone.

Why hire Latitude Design Services?

Before a project begins, and sometimes before a contract is even signed, Latitude Design Services is already helping the Client.   LDS will do everything possible to answer, or find answers to, all of your questions.  If we feel under-qualified for a project, we can put you in contact with someone who can better assist you.  If we feel over-qualified for a project, we can put you in contact with someone who may be a better cost option.  In other words, we are primarily interested in helping you achieve your goals.
The more difficult your project is, the more satisfying it is to find solutions.  The more creativity you desire, the more you will get.  And usually we will end up working together and develop a great relationship.
If you have a budget, and you want to get all you can within that budget, Latitude Design Services will help to make it happen.  

As you will see on this site, LDS offers more than Landscape Architectural services.   Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have regarding what you see here, or what we may be able to assist you with.